No Karine, Nashville can wait

The 4 songs by Jim Steinman, that has been recorded by Karine Hannah, will likely never be released. Karine's management has announced that Jim and Karine will no longer be working together, but no explanation has been given why. A reason can be that Karine is pursuing the younger Britney Spears-audience, instead of the more mature Celine Dion-audience. Another could be that Jim is simply to busy to give her much attention, with 3 musicals opening, as well as various other projects.MP3's of the 4 songs has emerged on the web and reactions to her voice has been mixed. Many people seem to think she didn't have the right voice for a steinsong.
The other project that has been halted is "Bat out of Nashville", a country version of the legendary "bat out of hell". The project might be revived at a later date.

Jim Steinman
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