German Cast for "Bat out of hell" announced

The German cast for the german premier of "Bat out of hell" in Oberhausen was just announce and they're not all new to performing Jim Steinman song. The part of Tink will be performed by Tom van der Ven, who has played Alfred in "Tanz der Vampire" several times in the German Productions and Maureen Mac Gillavry played Sarah in the Hamburg staging. Also Alex Mecher is who plays Falco in "Bat" appeared in the original vienese staging of "Tanz". This new cast is:


Strat:Robin Reitsma

Raven:Sarah Kornfeld

Raven:Maureen Mac Gillavry

Falco:Alex Melcher

Falco:Carl van Wegberg

Sloane:Willemijn Verkaik

Sloane:Franziska Schuster

Tink:Tom van der Ven

Zahara:Aisata Blackman

Jagwire:Benet Monteiro

Ledoux:Michael Moore

Blake:Lorenzo Di Girolamo



April van Amelsvoort

René Becker

Jacob Fearey

Rhys George

Vinicius Gomes

Jessica Lapp

Gonzalo Campos Lopez

Masengu Kanyinda

Charlie Knight

Luca Maus

Jolijn van de Pol

Bathoni Puplampu

Anna Julia RogersIda

Linnéa Svanberg

Niall Swords

Bethany Terry

Karen Walker

Tarquin Whitebooi

Sander van Wissen