Creature of the Night

With copious amounts of face and body paint, not to mention creativity and
talent, makeup artist Angelina Avallone transforms gentle-looking Michael
Crawford (Broadway's original Phantom Of The Opera) into seductive
bloodsucker Count von Krolock - and 30 Transylvanian peasants into dancing
vampires - in the new pop-rock musical Dance Of The Vampires (Minskoff
Theatre). Millennia-old creatures like the Count who sleep by day and sink
their teeth into the necks of pretty, helpless prey by night, really exist,
jokes Bulgarian-born Avallone.

"Vampires are everywhere, even Times Square," she says, but none of those
other fanged ghouls are as totally captivating as Crawford.

"He's sexy and scary and looks like a rock star," she coos.

Will the mistress of eye-shadow and the hemoglobin-hungry hunk be
trick-or-treating together on Halloween?

Don't be batty, she insists. "I'll be backstage, up to my elbows in makeup."

Dance of the vampires

New York Magazine

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