Bat out of hell - the musical

London Coliseum
2017-06-05 - 2017-08-22

The story takes place in the year 2100 in Obsidian, formerly known as Manhattan, where a gang of misfits called "the lost", who is unable to grow old, is opposing the brutal leader called Falco. Unfortunately the leader of "the lost" Strat falls for Falco's daughter Raven who reciprocates and trouble is in the air.

Creative Team
Director:Jay Scheib
Choreography:Emma Portner
Music Supervisor:Michael Reed
Setdesign:Jon Bausor
Musical Director:Robert Emery
Sound designer:Gareth Owen
Keyboards:Robert Emery
Keyboards:Steve Corley
Keyboards:Jamie Safir
Guitar:Ben Castle
Guitar:Mark Cox
Bass Guitar:Hugh Richardson
Saxophone:Nik Carter
Saxophone:Nathan Hawken
Bat Out of Hell the Musical often feels like being in the fast lane
A care-banishing blast of wild-child zaniness
once you’re hooked, it’s a guilty pleasure you’re proud to share with the audience
Bonkers it may be but, hell, it’s pretty brilliant too
Bat Out of Hell is a glorious, ridiculous, insanely enjoyable night out