The Upcoming

once you’re hooked, it’s a guilty pleasure you’re proud to share with the audience

Daily Express

Meat Loaf musical is a joyful and uplifting experience

British Theatre

if you love your rock’n’roll, you’ll love this

It's a wee bit eggy

of the greatest musical I have ever had the pleasure of seeing

West end theatre guide

“…an epic musical extravaganza

Carns Theatre Passion

This theatrical event is one not to be missed

Musical Theatre review

All in all, Bat Out of Hell is an explosive, thrilling triumph that grabs musical theatre by the flared collar

Theatre Weekly

London may not have seen anything like Bat Out of Hell The Musical before

I urge you, go to Hell

London theatreland

Totally. Super. Awesome

The Theatre cat

And the music! Real rock, melodious and violent, ragingly operatic.


It’s so brilliantly awful it teeters on awfully brilliant

The Reviews hub

a score that Wagner himself would have been proud of

Time out

As a spectacle, ‘Bat Out of Hell’ is batshit crazy, often in a good way


Bat out of Hell is gloriously over the top

Culcure Whisper

this is a musical that brings riotous joy

The Stage

Bonkers it may be but, hell, it’s pretty brilliant too

Financia Times

Jim Steinman’s rock’n’roll musical already feels like a classic

What's on stage

Bat Out of Hell is a glorious, ridiculous, insanely enjoyable night out

Westend Wilma

this is a show that will bring your spirit up and your jaw down to the floor

Daily Express

I have rarely seen so many great singers on stage in the same production

The Times

bats actually do fly during this megablast of a musical

Cheap Theatre tickets

Defies reality in every possible way

London Box Office

will leave you feeling pretty reckless

Evening Standard

the songs are never less than bombastic

LiveTheatre UK

Bat Out Of Hell will doubtless find many new audiences

Theatre and Performance

Impressive performances were given by all the lead roles

Theatre South East

an evening of world class music and performance

Daily Mail

It’s shameless, it’s fabulous, it’s preposterous.

The Sweet London Life

Unadulterated escapism

Jonathan Baz reviews

get yourself tickets before they're gone gone gone

The Guardian

Bat Out of Hell the Musical often feels like being in the fast lane of the M1 with juggernauts thundering over your soul.


The Steinman bandwagon is just beginning

explosive representations of the classic songs

The Telegraph

A care-banishing blast of wild-child zaniness

Broadway World

Bat Out Of Hell certainly provides a night to remember

London Theatre

punchily rendered by a hard-working cast

Rewrite this story

a jaw-dropping spectacle that really has to be seen to be believed

The Spy in the stalls

performances are what made this show entertaining

The Idle Woman

London Coliseum has temporarily swapped classical music for rock opera and it sounds great

Daily Mail

it's so noisy I spilled my beer

Daily Express

As a loud and lavish form of mega-karaoke it is a spine-tingling success. 

Jewish Chronicle

there are moments where Bat Out Of Hell fans will be launched into ecstasy.


It’s the best night out you’ll have all year

SW Londoner

there really is nothing not to like

Official London Theatre

It will instead keep you transfixed from beginning to end

Fab UK magazine

It’s sensory overload in a good way

View from the Cheap Seat

It’s a Rock and Roll Dream Come Through…

Yahoo News

The shock value of each and every scene will leave you yearning for more

Fairy Powered Productions

...creating an unmissable production that you will want to see again and again

A younger theatre

As jukebox musicals go, this is one of the more impressive

Tom Talks Show

Certainly one to go and see again and Again!

London Theatre Direct

There aren’t many shows like this anywhere

Music Week

Here the magic of Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman is rendered undeniable

Overall I thought the show was superb

Mature Times

Meat Loaf fans will still have a good time


words will never do Bat Out Of Hell justice

Classic Rock

It looks amazing

The Rockin' Chair

..go see the show as it has it all

Irish World

It is exhilirating in its pace and special effects

The Prickle

high explosive glam rock, like you’ve never heard it before

Because it really does rock, and it really does roll, and it sure is worth the cost!


the musical that the Meat Loaf fans wanted to hear

British Theatre Guide

completely bringing the house down prior to the interval


it will give you great memories of a night well spent in the theatre

Moshville Times

an exhilarating ride of classic heavy rock

Little Lid

I wouldn't hesitate to go Again!