Taniec Wampirow in previews

The polsh version of "Dance of the vampires", "Taniec Wampirow" has bugen a series of 3 previews in Polands capitol Warsaw. The premiere wasmoved from october 1st to october 8th with 3 previews before.
I was lucky enough to attend the 2nd preview and not knowing much about polish musical theater I didn't quite know what to expect.
The biggest change is that they moved "For Sarah" to act 1 after Sarah leaves for the castle, which makes perfectly sense when you think about it.
The set are not quite as flashy as the other cities, but it actually works better sometimes. The end of act 1 is better than even broadway setwise.
The performances with really good, apart from the Count I quite liked Magda and Sarah.
The whole show wa a nice surprise and the Roma team can be proud of this show

Tanz der vampire
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