Tanz Der Vampire

2000-03-31 - 2003-03-31

Plot: Proffessor Abronsius and his assistant Alfred is on a voyage to Transylvania to solve the mystery of the vampires.Alfred falls in love with Sarah, an innkeeper's daughter,but Sarah,tired of boredom,runs of to the Vampire castle to dance the night away at the ball.The professor and Alfred set out the save her.

Creative Team
Choreography:Dennis Callahan
Costumes:Sue Blane
Music Supervisor:Michael Reed
Lighting:Hugh Vanstone
Music Supervisor:Michael Reed
Sound designer:Richard Ryan
Orchestrations:Steve Margoshes
Conductor:Charles Fornara
Choreography assistant:Doris-Marie Marlis
Associate Director:Cornelius Baltus
Costume Supervisor:Danielle Laurent
Associate Light designer:Andy Voller
Associate Sound Designer:Nigel Parry
Mask supervisor:Ute Mai
Graf Von Krolock:Kevin Tarte
Graf Von Krolock:Charles Fornara
Alfred:Aris Sas
Professor Abronsius:Werner Bauer
Rebecca:Anne Welte
Oboe, English Hord:Nicolas Donelly
Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone:Georg Mayer
Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone:Holger Schultze
Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone:John Thrower
Trumpet:Thomas Nell
Keyboards:Lars Jönsson
Keyboards:Katja Küppers
Keyboards:Claudia Born
Guitar, Mandolin:Wolfgang Kehry
Bass Guitar:Michael Heise
Bass Guitar:Alexander Uhl
Percussion:Katarzyna Mycka
Cello:Wei Hu