Old and New in "Tanz der vampire"

If you look up "Tanz der vampire" in wikipedia you will learn that 70% of the music for the show is recycled material. I'm not sure just how this figure is calculated but it does paint a rather distorted picture of just how much music was written for the show. Let's take a look at what's new and whats old. New songs written for TdV: Hey Ho Professor/ Sie Irren Professor Knoblauch/Wuscha Buscha Eine Schöne tochter ist ein segen Nie Gesehen (ein mädchen das so lächeln kann) Alles is hell/Wahrheit/Ein Perfekter tag/Bücher Bücher Du bist wirklich sehr nett Draussen ist Freiheit* Tot zu sein ist komisch When liebe in dir ist * chorus shares some resemblance with "Something of this masquerade may follow", but is really a new song Old Songs released on CD prior to TdV: Ouverture (The Storm) God ist tot/Einadung Zum Ball/Tanzsaal (Original Sin) Totale Finsternis/Tanzsaal (Total Eclipse of the heart) Die Unstillbare Gier (Objects in the rear view mirror) Ewigkeit (Bolero)* Der Tanz der vampire (Tonight is what it means to be young) * not really sure if this was released on the "Bat out of Hell" CD's  prior to the show, but it is also known as "Gods" from Neverland Songs from old musicals: Vor dem Schloss/Carpe Noctem (Come with me we know love, City Nights) In Der gruft (Who needs the young) Für Sarah (Milady)   The big themes from "Original sin" and "Total Eclipse of the heart" are used as instrumentals during the entire show.